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Modules Six and Seven

Module Six The Contemporary Mask ⎪ Famille Floez Berlin | Summer

Module six offers students an in-depth study of a stylistic form of theatre that has a tremendous power to communicate, through simplicity, universal themes of the human condition, as well as an opportunity to develop performance through ensemble improvisation. In addition, students will be exposed to a multiplicity of performance forms and research resources in Berlin.

This is an intensive course on the use of contemporary masks in physical theatre, honing skills inspired by the training methods of Brecht and contemporary German performance styles derived from the Volkwang Universität der Künste, as exemplified by Famille Floez. Based on techniques evolved by Famille Floez Students learn how to conceive, sculpt and realise full-head masks

A residency in Berlin offers students an unparalleled opportunity to discover contemporary trends in theatre, and to undertake focused research at the Mimezentrum, a center for international research and archives on Physical Theatre.

This course combines with TH 636 to devise and perform under faculty direction a substantial piece of theatre and present it to the public in Berlin.

Module Seven Performance Autonomy | Continuo Theatre | Malovice: Czech Republic

Module seven is the culmination of two years of training and creative evolution. At this point in the program students will be on their way to defining their personal style, both as individuals and ensemble collaborators. Under the direction of Pavel Stourac and in collaboration with the permanent members of Continuo Theatre, students will devise and perform a full-length original work in Plum Yard Theatre, Malovice, followed by a tour in the Czech Republic (including Prague) and Slovakia.

This project is the synthesis of the six modules of study. Students are in residence at The Plum Yard, home to Continuo Theatre and experience creating and living together as a company. Training and Devising run parallel as students elaborate an ensemble piece under the guidance of faculty.

After premiering at Plum Yard (Malovice), a tour will follow taking students to venues in the Czech Republic (including Prague) and Slovakia.

Based on their practical studies, journals, research and academic projects, students will write a thesis on a specific aspect of physical theatre that will include a theoretical elaboration of their personal field of research. Students may choose either, to use their Performance Gradlab II projects or other practice as the lens through which they focus their practitioner research.

Now accepting applications for MFA program commencing August 2018

Application Deadline:
April 1, 2018

For further information:

APPLY NOW for this program.

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