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Students demonstrating financial need or high merit may be eligible for one or more of the following forms of funding:
• Scholarship awarded by MUW
• Scholarship awarded by ADA
• Financial Aid (eligible only for US citizens)

Scholarship awarded by MUW:
Scholarships awarded by MUW typically vary between $500 and $1,000 per academic year payable in two installments.

Scholarship awarded by ADA:
ADA awards a limited number of scholarship based on merit.

For further information please contact

Financial Aid: (eligible only for US citizens)
All US citizens are eligible to apply for financial aid through FAFSA. MUW calculates the amount of financial aid available based on tuition fees and cost of living abroad for ten months. The following link will take you to MUW financial aid homepage for further details on how to apply: MUW Financial Aid Center

Procedure for Scholarships and Assistantships:
Candidates who have been accepted into the program are eligible to apply for Scholarships. Students who are in financial need must justify their personal and family funding. Merit based awards are based on the following criteria: academic achievements, MFA audition, work experience and recommendation letters.

Payments for US Citizens:
MUW financial Aid administrates billing of tuition fees for students in receipt of financial aid. Scholarships from MUW are credited directly to student’s online Banner Web account. Students in receipt of scholarships from ADA are credited to their own personal checking accounts. Early Bird discounts will also be credited to students’ personal checking accounts. Students not receiving funding are reminded to pay the tuition fees in week 3 of each Module through their Banner Web account.

Payments for Non-US Citizens and those US citizens not benefitting from financial aid:
Payment is due in week three of each module to MUW through their Banner Web account.

Now accepting applications for MFA program commencing August 2018

Application Deadline:
April 1, 2018

For further information:

APPLY NOW for this program.

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