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Visa Information

MFA students must obtain a study visa from their local Italian Consulate. It is the responsibility of each student to obtain a visa.The Accademia will provide letters of support, which students will present to the Consulate with their application and accompanying materials. Additional materials you will most likely need to provide to your local Italian Consulate include: Bank statements, passport photos, proof of airline reservation, proof of health insurance.

When to apply for a Visa
You may apply for a student visa up to 90 days prior to your departure date for Italy. You cannot apply for a student visa earlier than 90 days. MFA students starting the program at the Accademia in the fall semester typically should apply for their visa in June.

*Please note: Even though you may only apply for a student visa in the 90 day timeframe prior to your departure, you must schedule an appointment to do so. You should contact your embassy or consulate as early as possible to make sure you can schedule an appointment during the appropriate 90 day timeframe.

Our Admissions office can provide support and materials to aid you in your visa application process, but please note, requirements of local Consulates may differ, and the Accademia dell’Arte is not responsible for student visas.
Please email with any questions you may have about the visa application process, or to receive a template and supporting materials to aid you in your visa application.


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