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Course Descriptions

Instructors: Wagner Moreira and Helena Fernandino

Again and again we are amazed at how infinite the possibilities are to teach, to create and above all, to learn.

The workshop approaches ways of moving using a focus on efficiency rather than a focus shapes. Elements such as strength, flexibility, restriction, limitation, abilities and supplementation enable the participants to create freedom, stability, difference, diversity and natural acceptance. Based on exploration, improvisation and technique, participants will be offered simple patterns of movement that will be developed into different combinations. The focus will be on an economic (i.e. efficient) process in regards to the function of movement development, while participants explore the connectivity and qualities from different body systems.

Through guided explorations, classes will flow from floor work through standing combinations and the connection between levels of space. Based on our own experiences as a dancers and choreographers, the second part of the workshop will utilize improvisational games and tasks to compose material and create scores, providing a matrix for stage piece or site-specific work. C.O.R.E. (Creating Opportunities of Research & Exploration) has gained a new dimension through several experiences in recent years, opening up new visions that follow new impulses.

Instructor: Sabine Fichter

Finding Connections

In this workshop we will connect the different levels of our physical moving self.  We will raise the awareness of the sensing and the thinking body. In order to reach a deeper level of expression we will find relations between emotion and sensation, perception and cognition.  The improvement of observational skills and mindful reflection are also part of the process. 

We will start the mornings with a contemporary dance warm-up that includes somatic (i.e. Bartenieff) elements.  Starting on the floor we will work on body connectivity and breath support based on developmental movement patterns. This is followed by level changes from floor to sitting and standing and travelling in sequences across the floor.  Stability and mobility, strength and flexibility , movement initiation, efficiency and phrasing, rhythm and musicality are some of the main aspects of the technique class.

By the means of Laban movement themes (i.e. space, dynamics, impuls,  initiation, shaping) but also imagery work, music, rhythm and text we will then delve into movement research/ exploration and develop individual dance material as well as scores for ensemble structures.  The focus will be on playful improvisation and compositional tasks as starting points for movement composition but also on overall enhancement of our psycho-physical awareness and relational intelligence as moving performers.

Based on my experience as a dancer, choreographer, dance pedagogue, Certified Movement Analyst  and somatic practitioner, in S.O.M.A. I connect Laban Movement Studies, dance technique and somatic body work on a profound level which allows for  individual creative development and personal growth. 

Instructor: Dory Sibley

20 one-hour meetings over the program

Every morning participants will prepare for the rigorous demands of the workshops using the Elemental Body Alignment System. EBAS is a series of stretching and strengthening exercises designed to integrate the body while increasing flexibility, range of motion and core strength. The focus of EBAS is to understand the basic principles of initiating and anchoring movements from the pelvis while finding efficient and effective alignment through experiential anatomy.


Dates (including Arrival and Departure):

June 21 – July 18

Early Bird Deadline:

December 1, 2019

Standard Registration Deadline:

March 15, 2020

APPLY NOW for this program.

The Accademia dell’Arte undergraduate program is fully accredited by Hendrix College.

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