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Program overview

VOICE, TEXT AND MUSIC – Three Stories, one tale

The voice is at the same time the most powerful expression of an individual and yet the most immaterial: it is a mixture of gut intelligence and spiritual aspiration. It dwells deep inside us and bodies forth in waves, in vibration to the world around us. The voice comes wrapped in words or flies out in musical sound. It is a protean substance capable of transformation, disguise and revelation.

This workshop endeavours to bring together these strands in the voice. Each participant explores their own vocal potential, opening up channels for expansion and consolidation. Bodywork is used as a means to unlock rigidity and tension in key body areas , thereby releasing more energy for sound. Short texts are explored tangentially to bring out surprising meanings and alternative interpretations. Songs too play a vital role in building up a spectrum of vocal texture in performance.

Through multiple avenues of research participants begin to compose short monologues and duologues that highlight the dialogue between sound and word, between character and personality. The Cello brings its unique presence to this workshop. As the string instrument that is closest to the human voice it is both partner and “provocateur”. It brings out the harmonic breadth in sound and it counterpoints a textual voice with its own musical subtext.

In addition to monologues and duologues students compose short scenes where the dialogue between instrument, voice and text is framed. Character and meaning emerge in tales that are told in a shifting multi-layered form.


Program Dates: May 17th – 30th 2020 

Tuition Fee: USD 2450
Early Bird Discount: USD 250 for those that apply by February 1st
Application deadline: 25th of April 
Minimum Nr of Participants: 10
Maximum Nr of Participants: 15
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