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Supplemental Materials – Semester in Music

(Not required for Furman University students)

Please send an email to admissions@dell’ including the following information:

  • Primary Instrument or Voice type
  • Ensembles in which you are currently enrolled
  • Describe the location, purpose, year, and duration of any previous overseas or significant travel experiences that you think might be relevant.  If none, indicate NA.
  • List the extra-curricular activities/organizations in which you are involved and describe how your extra-curricular activities and experiences (i.e. employment, organizations, community service, hobbies, training, performances, living away from home, etc.) have helped you prepare for this program.  Indicate any leadership roles or position titles.  (If you are a non-music major, please describe your previous music experience and current musical involvement.) 
  • Provide the names of two music faculty members from your current institution who have agreed to serve as References.  One of these two must be the major applied teacher. It is highly recommended that you contact the potential references before listing them on this application.  
  • List the name, address, email address and phone number, of a person (non-student) who can be contacted to comment on your general character and your likelihood of success in foreign study.


Provide a Statement of Interest that articulates how you hope to benefit academically, personally, musically, and professionally through a high-impact engaged learning experience as part of your undergraduate degree. Target answer is 500 words.


The following is guidance for music recordings and repertoire to submit.  Please send your audition video to admissions@dell’

Voice applicants please prepare and video record two contrasting songs from the art song, oratorio, or operatic repertoire. One-piece should be in English and it is preferred that the second selection is in a language other than English (Italian, Latin, German or French).

Wind/Percussion applicants please prepare and video record two contrasting selections, one technical and one lyrical.  Percussionists should prepare works (2 or 4 mallets) on Marimba.  

String applicants please prepare and video record one movement from a standard concerto or comparable composition; one movement from an unaccompanied Bach sonata, partita or suite.  

Keyboard applicants please prepare and video record one Sonata movement by Haydn, Mozart or Beethoven, and one full or excerpted composition from the Romantic or Contemporary period.  Organists please prepare and video record two contrasting organ solo works with a time limit of 8 minutes total.  

Classical guitar applicants please prepare and video record two full or excerpted contrasting works from the standard solo or etude literature. (Standard études, such as those of Aguado, Carcassi, Giuliani; selections from Sor Studies (Segovia edition); or minor works by Milan, Bach, Tarrega)

Composition majors, include a brief composition-related resume describing your composition experience to date, music theory knowledge and performing experience.  Include PDFs of two of your original composition scores.  Where possible, include a link to a recording (or sound/video files if emailing) of live performances of the above selections.

For more information please email admissions@dell’