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Classes and Information

Instructor: Alessio Trevisani

Somatic practice applied to dance training represents for me a fundamental approach to establish a true relation to the outer world and accept and explore the momentum of the body moving.

A very simple consideration in Body Mind Centering but also in quantum Physics  and Eastern Philosophies asserts that we do not move with our body through a space but that we move the space and the space moves us constantly. While we are moving, we establish a constant exchange flow between the inner and outer energies occurring in the dialogue between our inner and outer body. 

While focusing both on Technique as well Improvisational and research Elements, the entire workshop is going to be based and structured, on and around the perception of human presence and intention. Participants are here “osmotic stimulated” to make use of their own physical intelligence to explore and play with patterns of bodily states and given scores in order to sense, to feel, to act, to aware and to track their own exploration of the body and to release their creativity and to enhance performance as a unique state of mind.

Starting from exploring physically the fundament points of Body Mind Centering and engaging them in the composition research of Pina Bausch and of German dance theater teachings, with the most modern and refined Gaga matrix techniques, this workshop aims to let grow and explode your own identity as a performer.

The development of a performative identity is like a continuous spiral in which identity is a representation of self-awareness and at the same time of self-confidence. Re-establishing this balance is an absolute pathway to overcome new challenges and find new expressive contexts.

The workshop will be divided into different phases: training and technical analysis, personal and collective research, instant performance and composition. Through these different itineraries, we will build up a structure up to develop our own performance language in a contemporary way, combining a specific work on extroversion and enhancing individual qualities.

The workshop is welcoming an inclusive open-minded body for a decolonial and gender approach to performativity as for any kind of cultural and religious background, as they are all precious sources of mutual cultural enrichment.


Instructors: Elia Moretti, Marika Smrekova, Roman Zotov-Mikshin

Where does creativity come from? How can a limited source, like the body, become home to unlimited possibilities? How do we cope with unlimited creativity without destroying our resources?

In this class we will learn to take an ‘ecological’ approach to the perception of sound and movement and their dynamic and symbiotic relation in the act of creativity. We will engage in a process, which is not confined to fulfilling tasks and expectations. Rather, through different techniques we will attempt to unleash possibilities by experiencing a fragile and indirect reality.

Focus will be given to the dancer’s body in relation to its sonic environment, developing specific movement qualities, body mobility and articulation, grasping types of energy flows and maintaining them through different levels of choreographic complexity.

In particular we will highlight the relationship between movement and sound exploring different modalities of ‘ecological perception’ by combining that which we already know with that which we still have to acknowledge. Focus will be on the performativity of sound, movement as musicality and sound as a device to relate humans to their environment.

The participants will work in direct contact with live music to harness these strategies by identification with a Neverending Source as a renewed awareness of the creative act.




6 Total Credit Hours

Dates (including Arrival and Departure)

June 26 – July 23, 2022


PLEASE NOTE: The dates above include arrival and departure. The Accademia dell’Arte does not accommodate students before or after these dates.


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The Accademia dell’Arte undergraduate program is fully accredited by Hendrix College.

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