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Enrollment Forms

Congratulations on being accepted into the Academia dell’Arte program! We are excited to welcome you to Italy soon.

In this form we ask you to answer questions about your living preferences, travel plans to Italy, and to agree to several policies and codes of conduct during your time on the Accademia campus. We need this information in order to begin coordinating your living arrangements while studying with us in Arezzo.

Deadlines for completing this form:

Spring Semester: December 1
Fall Semester: July 1
Summer Programs: May 1



Italian 1Italian 2Italian 3No prior Italian coursesOther (write below)


YesNoOther (write below)


Please note: There are some rooms in Accademia dell’Arte residence halls that have bunk beds. We cannot guarantee what room you will end up in. If you have a phobia of heights or other issue that can be noted in a physician’s letter, we will be happy to accommodate your request. Housing accommodations are variable but of high standard.

9pm10pm11pm12pm1am2amOther (write below)


Always messySometimes messyAlways clean and organized




It's almost time for you to come to Italy!

IMPORTANT: Please scan and email a copy of your passport photo/ information page to Director of Student Services, Monica Capacci at If you have any questions about this, please direct them to Monica at the previous mentioned email address.

Your travel information is needed in order to arrange your transfer to Accademia dell’Arte upon your arrival.

Please note: We provide transportation from the Florence airport to the Accademia on arrival day only. You must arrive before 4 pm on arrival day to the Florence airport to take advantage of this service.

Please plan to be at the Accademia by 5pm on arrival day.


(For example - Chicago to Munich)


(For example - Chicago to Munich)

FLIGHT #3 (If applicable)

(For example - Munich to Firenze)


If you are traveling to the Accademia by any other means of transport (train, bus, etc), please specify here and include estimated time of arrival.

TrainBusRental CarOther (write below)


On rare occasions a person participating in an overseas study program faces a health emergency requiring hospitalization and immediate treatment. To prevent dangerous delay in such an emergency, Accademia dell’Arte strongly recommends that the student complete and sign the following statement.

In the event of an emergency illness or injury I hereby authorize performing routine medical care, making referrals to area specialists and medical services, immediate hospitalization and treatment recommended by and carried out under the supervision of a qualified physician, including administering an anesthetic and performing necessary surgery.

In the event of emergency medical care, every effort will be made to contact a parent or legal guardian.

Person(s) to notify in case of an emergency illness or accident:


Check here to agree to this policy

Check here to agree to this policy
Click here to serve as recognition that you have received and read all academic and student life handbooks.

Check here to agree to this policy

Check here to verify: I have read the above regulations and understand that the use or possession of any quantity of marijuana, cocaine, or other illegal drugs is totally prohibited to participants throughout the program term. I understand that this prohibition applies not only while I am in the company of fellow participants, but also when I am alone or with people not associated with the program. I have read the consequences of violation noted above and will abide by the stipulations set forth. I also understand my responsibilities in ensuring that others observe the policy and responsibilities outlined above.

Check here to verify that you agree to the above policy.

Congratulations! The form has been sent.
Now you can proceed to the Health Forms.
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