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Course Descriptions

Core Courses

Techniques for the thinking dancer

Techniques for the thinking dancer  (Dance i25) 3 credits

This course is primarily designed to prepare, train and form the entire body for the complex  demands of dancing and performing. Movement principles and technical skills will be taught from a fundamental functional and dance anatomy perspective to allow students to develop more confidence, competence and control of their physical range of movement by reinforcing and developing their skills.  

The divided line between the dancer as fellow creative artists or the dancers as mere performers remains an open field. This course aims in motivating and activating a deep self confidence in young dancers in order to promote the ability to make decisions and understand the movement process also during the usual training class.


  • Contemporary and modern Technique 
  • Vaganova based Ballet Technique 

Performance Studies and Practice

Performance Studies and Practice (Dance i30 )3 credits  

In this course, students are introduced to specific dance styles which have contributed to the relation of dance and society both as performative topics as well as cultural heritage.

Three forms of dance deeply rooted in a specific cultural context will challenge students to strive for a comprehensive knowledge of the single elements that form a dance act and its relationship with the audience.  Students are here encouraged in acquiring new skills and broaden their perspectives for a more compelling performance and a more grounded confidence on the stage.


  • Butoh 
  • Tarantella 
  • Ausdruckstanz (Expressionist dance) and the German Dance Theater

Stage Composition and Somatic Work

Stage composition and somatic work  (Dance i21)  3 credits

This course focuses on the nature and process of the stage composition and choreographic creation.

Both sections that compose the course aim in different ways at deepening specific inner movement research.

Scores will be given to the students in order to prepare the body and the mind to employ more efficiently elements of improvisation and range and also to focus the creative power for compositional and choreographic purposes.

Students will be encouraged to incorporate a range of disciplines, including voice and spoken text into their choreographies and will be exposed to an array of material that will expand their artistic expression. This course is a challenging “Playground” where students are to make use of their own physical intelligence through “osmotic stimulation”, to build up their own workgroups with other students from both the dance and theatre programs and to create their own choreographies or performances.


  • Dance Performance 
  • Body Mind Centering and Somatics in Performance and Composition 

Fast and Furious: Social Change & the Avant Garde

Fast and Furious: Social Change & the Avant Garde (LBSTi31) 3 credits
This course is an interdisciplinary survey that looks at the Avant-Garde art movements and the way they challenged not only aesthetic values but philosophical and cultural values more broadly. Movements including Futurism, Dada, and Surrealism were responding to the most significant scientific, social, and political events on the world scene. Avant-Garde artistic expression blossomed in a wide variety of media, from painting to literature and even live performance. Students will leave with an understanding of the intersection between accelerated change in social forms of the 19th and 20th century and the perception of those changes as expressed through contemporary Avant-Garde counterparts (such as mechanized speed and Futurism or Industrialized Ware and Dada).

Italian Language: Beginner or Intermediate

Italian Language: Beginner or Intermediate  (ITAL i10/i11) 3 credits

The Beginner course introduces students to basic grammatical structures of the Italian language. Students acquire a basic vocabulary and speaking practice as well as an understanding of various aspects of Italian culture and society. The course focus is on building conversational skill in Italian, using readings in the text as a point of departure.

The intermediate course moves students toward fluency in Italian by focusing on communication and the exposure to a non-stereotypical, more complex and up-to-date picture of modern Italy and Italians. Grammar from the first semester course is reviewed, and new grammar points are presented, always with the intention of developing and strengthening students’ abilities to communicate. A wide range of cultural topics and different aspects of Italian life will be explored while improving grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension and writing in Italian.



Fall 2024: September 5 – December 7

Regular Dates Application Deadline: April 30

Early Bird Discount Completed Application Deadline: February 1

Fall Break:October 19 – 27

15 Total credits


Spring 2025: January 23 – April 25

Regular Dates Application Deadline: October 1

Early Bird Discount Completed Application Deadline: July 1

Spring Break: March 1 – 9




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PLEASE NOTE: The dates above include arrival and departure. The Accademia dell’Arte does not accommodate students before or after these dates. 

The Accademia dell’Arte undergraduate program is fully accredited by Hendrix College.




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