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Call for Artists in Residence

We are very excited to announce the continuation of our residency programs. We believe that art is a fundamental aspect of the human endeavor, but finding a place to develop artistic projects is more and more difficult. For this reason we are proud to be able to offer this opportunity to young artists who share our same passion. Thus we are looking for candidates who will join our artistic community. We especially encourage candidates who are alumni of the ADA.

We have two available positions:

Student Liaison

  • Assist the Student Life Coordinator in planning and implementing social events, co-curricular activities, and cross-cultural opportunities.
  • Maintain and publish for students a list of public events and activities in Arezzo and the region.
  • Assist with general communications to students.
  • Share “emergency phone” responsibilities with other members of the staff.

Technical Coordinator

  • Provide technical assistance to theatre and dance classes and performances.
  • Assist the creation of social media content during classes and performances.
  • Create presentations and assist delivery of online informational sessions for partners and potential students.
  • Organize the digital archive to store recorded videos and photos.

The ADA will provide the artist-in-residence:

  1. A residence hall room
  2. Studio spaces to develop an artistic project
  3. Mentoring from ADA faculty
  4. Partial integration into academic life through attending some classes
  5. A modest stipend
  6. A modest meal plan

The residencies will be the minimum length of one academic semester with the possibility to extend to a second semester and summer. 

To apply please send, preferably in one PDF file, to by June 1, 2024: 

  1. Cover Letter or Letter of Intent
    1. Indicate your preferred position (Student Liaison or Technical Coordinator), and the skills and knowledge you bring to that position.
    2. If applying for the Technical Coordinator position, please provide a link to social media you have created.
    3. Indicate how long you would like to reside with us (one semester or two).
  2. CV or Resume
  3. Short description of your proposed project (including the way you imagine working)

“Being the Artist in Residence at the ADA has helped me grow immensely; as an artist, a collaborator, and a human. I’m forever grateful for my time here.”

-Kimmarie McCrann, Artist-in-Residence, Academic Year 2023-24

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