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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At the Accademia dell’Arte, we have a strong commitment to creating an inclusive community. Diversity, equity and inclusion are primary values here. We are dedicated to cultivating an equitable, respectful, and welcoming community open to all committed performing artists dedicated to artistic integrity, intellectual engagement, and critical inquiry. 

We recognize that an essential part of the study abroad experience is embracing cultural differences and being open to people, views, and practices that may be different from one’s own experiences, and learning to recognize social, political, and historical factors that influence prejudice and privilege. We emphasize the importance of communication and the de-stigmatization of self-advocating in artistic and academic spaces.

Here at the Accademia dell’Arte we acknowledge that we all belong to multiple cultures influencing our actions, beliefs, as well as interactions. We value cultural influences because they challenge our thinking and enrich our community providing opportunities to raise awareness, increase critical analysis, and develop socially responsible action

Our inclusive environment enables us to achieve excellence in learning, teaching, student & artist development, institutional functioning, and engagement in local and global communities so to develop greater openness to learn more about ourselves and those in the community. 

We are committed to implementing sustainable policies, initiatives, and programming to increase and maintain diversity and ensure inclusion.

We are a small, close-knit community, as such we have the capability to engage fully with the entire student body. Moreover we recognize that the student’s experience is primary and it is our resolve to continue fostering a space where open dialogue can take place in order to learn from each other. Our faculty and staff are available for any questions, concerns, and conversations relating to diversity and inclusion at the Accademia.

For inquiries regarding diversity and inclusion at ADA, feel free to email us:

Sam McGehee

Pedagogic Coordinator – Theater

Monica Capacci

Director of Student Services

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