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Our Approach


Devising, in its essence, is a creative process in which the artistic and technical teams develop a show collaboratively. Students who have a motivated interest in the creation of new and original theatre will find the One-Year Physical Theatre Program intensely stimulating.  

Given the possibility of delving deeper into the inner workings of process, students are asked to take their training a step further into the daunting realm of creating original work. They will have the opportunity to work with highly regarded artists in contemporary Europe, absorbing elements of physical theatre with the expectation that these will impart strategies for the creation of original styles.  

We believe that storytelling is one of the most fundamental needs of the human species. As a result, the pedagogy of the Devising Program moves through different poetics of de-structuring and restructuring of story in the search for artistic meaning. 

An Immersive Cultural Experience

An important and exciting element of the One-Year Physical Theatre Program in Devising is close contact with the local culture. Students will have the possibility to live in the city center of Arezzo, fully immersed in a new and alien context. Living in contact with ‘the other’ can infuse artistic work with new life and a tangible sense of the unknown. Daily interaction with local communities is often the guiding star of the student’s work, since fostering a relationship with a foreign culture requires heightened sensitivity.

Communal Living and Training

Another fundamental aspect of the One-Year Physical Theatre Program in Devising is the communal element of both the training and daily life. This cloistered approach creates the conditions for our small group of students to establish their own autonomous community. In turn, this enables them to develop their own ideas from the ground up, starting with basic and practical questions of organization. 

Although the ADA fosters a safe and warm environment, we believe that learning to swim first requires jumping into the water. We encourage our students to venture off on their own in search of their own degree of autonomy in the midst of living and creating in a communal setting.

This Program is designed for students pursuing a BFA or BA upon recommendation




Application Deadline: April 30

Fall 2023: August 31 – December 2

Fall Break: October 7 – 15

Spring 2024: January 25 – April 27

Spring Break: March 2 – 10


32 Total credit hours


APPLY NOW for this program

PLEASE NOTE: The dates above include arrival and departure. The Accademia dell’Arte does not accommodate students during winter break and before or after these dates.The Accademia dell’Arte undergraduate program is fully accredited by Hendrix College.







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