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Module Three

Circus Arts | FLIC Scuola di Circo, Torino | Summer

Module three provides a unique opportunity to work in one of the most respected schools in Europe. Located in Torino, FLIC Scuola di Circo will provide students with introductory circus skills and expose students to an exciting performance practice that will stimulate an aesthetic crossover between circus and theatre.

Rigorous daily physical training is a prerequisite to safety and control for the extreme demands of circus schools. Acrobatics is studied both in static and dynamic situations.

Students learn to manipulate objects, including juggling balls, batons and boxes, and are introduced to the subtle alchemy of object and actor.

Students will focus on the approach to slack and tight wire, as well as balancing and juggling on circus balls.

This course includes a wide range of circus skills and specializations depending on faculty availability and student skill level. Course content is chosen from the skills listed below. This list is not exhaustive and may be extended. Contemporary Dance for Circus: Acrobatic Dance that is a creative counterpart to specialized circus skills. Acrobalance: A combination of adagio lifts (a male lifts a female in different poses) and hand balancing (balancing on one hand while performing acrobatic manoeuvres). Chinese poles: Vertical poles on which performers climb and hold poses. Lyra: A metal hoop suspended from a single point that is used for various poses. Silks or tissue: Two long pieces of fabric hanging from a single point that are used for various poses. Trampoline: Sprung canvas that allows performer to execute acrobatic moves. Static Trapeze: Aerial acrobatics and balances on trapeze.

Students are introduced to the notion of the circus actor, further extending the contours of the body in performance. Students define an area of circus skills they wish to explore and subsequently develop a solo. These solos are then integrated into a performance created by the students as an ensemble under the direction of faculty.

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